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Jessica Biel
Celebrity biographies

Jessica Biel is in the drivers' seat for this photo session
About Jessica Biel - Jessica Claire Biel was born 3 March as daughter of Jon and Kim Biel in Minnesota, Ely in 1982. She grew up with her younger brother Justin in Colorado, Boulder. In the age of 9 years Jessica was remarkable for her voice talent and acted in regional musicals like Beauty and the beast, Anything goes, The Invisible People, Annie and The Sound of Music. In 1994 she was discovered as a pupil of Diane Hardin's Young Actor's Space at the IMTA Convention in Los Angeles. Till today Jesse is represented by Hardin/Ecksrein Management, her agent is Jeff Morrone at Innovative Artists. Later she was booked for natinal and international commercials, but especially for advertisements in the print media. Jesse also adorned on some covers, like Sassy Magazine (12/1996), Teen (1/1998), Moxie Girl (3/1998), Jump (4/1998), Youth And Modern Magazine (5/1999). In 1999 Jessica was honored in People Magazine as one of the 50´s most beautiful women in the world. Jessica had her TV- debut in 7th Heaven, 1996 as Mary Camden. She acts the sporting and selfconfidente oldest daughter of the minister couple Camden. Since then she acted in two movies, in Ulee's Gold (1997) as Casey Jackson, in I'll be home for Christmas, 1998 as Allie. Jesses newest movie is called It's a digital world. Jessica visits a private Highschool in Los Angeles. While the work on the set she has a private teacher.

Jessicas nickname is Jesse. She has green eyes and lightbrown hair. She wears unwillingly feminine clothes and dislikes proprietary collections. She compilates her garments herself and altogether she got an unconventional fashion style. Jesse about her clothes: I have some really crazy things, like skirts with feathers. I'm actually not much of a skirt person, but I've kinda gotten into that a little more in these past years. My dad tells me, 'You know, you can be everything. You don't always have to be jock and tough girl and a strong chick. You can do that, but then you can also be glamorous.' And I was thinking about that going, 'Yeah, that's kind of cool, Dad. It's a good idea.' So I'll wear sweats one day, and the next day I'll have on six-inch shoes, tight shorts, and a baggy men's t-shirt with nothing underneath. I'm just all over the place. Jessicas best friend is Jesse Peterson, they grew up together. Jessica got a pitchblack cat named Kit Kat and a cockerspaniel named Freckles. Jessica about her buying behavior: I'm really good at shopping when I need to, when I know what I need and I know where to get it. I'll go to one store, be in there for twenty minutes, and then I'm done and I'm out. I'm pretty good, but I can't handle malls. They just make me sick - I can't stand them! Her hobbis are singing, dancing, any kind of sport and hang out with her friends. Her fave sports are soccer, rollerblading, mountainbiking, snowboarding, gymnastik, football, hockey and also, but not above all, basketball. Jessica collects (and wears sometimes) special spectacle frames without lenses, in strange styles and colors, especially those of the fifties.

Jessica Biel poses topless for this magazine photo

The biggest discovery of the day was Ms. Biel. She was awarded a scholarship to the Young Actors Space, a highly respected acting society in Los Angeles. Her big break, however, would come with her casting in the WB drama 7th Heaven, as Mary Camdem. The show received great critical reviews and amassed a large following. Jessica made a lot of headlines in March of 2000 when she posed nude in Gear Magazine. The spread was very provocative, and in some areas considered taboo, as Jessica was just seventeen at the time of the shots. The interview within the article declared that Jessica was sick of her role on the family show and wanted to break out of the good girl mold. Part of her frustration was in being passed over for roles in films like American Beauty. In the end, Biel issued a retraction as the producers of the show (Spelling and Co.) were quite upset about the nature and implications of the article. Jessica is currently enrolled at Tufts University. Off the screen, Jessica is a multi-talented gal. She enjoys singing and dancing (in preparation for her Broadway roles), but also is an outdoors woman. She prefers rollerblading and mountain biking, but settles for ice skating in the winter. She also has a love of animals, raising a cat (Kit Kat) and a dog (Freckles).

Summer Catch (2001)--Tenley Parrish
I'll Be Home for Christmas (1998)--Allie
Ulee's Gold (1997)--Casey Jackson
7th Heaven (1996) TV Series--Mary Camden

Date of Birth: March 3, 1982
Place of Birth: Ely, Minnesota
Raised In: Connecticut, Colorado
Home: Boulder, CO
Career Start: 7th Heaven
Height: 5'8
Middle Name: Claire
Nickname: Jesse
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Waist: 23 1/2 Hips: 34
Shoe Size: 8 1/2 - 9
Dress Size: 5-6
Sign: Pisces

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